Meditation Class



7:30 -8:15 pm


Hari Aum Everyone! 

Whatever 2022 might bring, let's accept it and learn every day

 We will be back

Monday the 07.02.2022

Following NSW health guidelines.

Booking is essential

If you want to make private bookings and book your yoga therapy session, please contact me via email or SMS.

Keep in touch, I am grateful for your thoughts and input.  

There is a time to let things happen and a time to make things happen


Enjoy the lovely autumn sun, Have a Happy Easter. We will be back Monday the 2.May 2022, for meditation


We need to let go of the image of a

"perfect" looking body doing yoga posture

We need to focus more on the body, reaching it's full potential through yoga


And so the journey of Self-empowerment begins

be in life

I belief, that whatever we are learning on the mat, is about taking our experiences into everyday life.

Yoga is not about being able to touch your toes 

​yoga is a life style

If you feel inspired to learn more about yoga as a lifestyle, then I invite you

to practice with me in my home studio.

Classes are available to people from all walks of life. 




    Yoga as Lifestyle

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“Yoga Is The Journey Of The Self, Through The Self, To The Self.”- The Bhagavad Gita –

Think of a personal training program, where you will not just benefit physically, but where the yoga therapist will look at you as an individual, considering all your needs and wants. From here we will work together...

At the moment I am only offering 2 morning classes, however, I will be starting up more classes soon. If you have any preferences, please share with me, so I can plan accordingly. 

Keep checking this space for upcoming events.