Corporate yoga programmes have been proven to save businesses money in terms of reducing staff turnover, absenteeism, illness, and stress leave. The toning & stretching from yoga classes improve the postures and reduce common aches and pains associated with sitting at desk all day. Yoga doesn’t make stress disappear but it helps people manage their reaction to stress more effectively, resulting in improved powers of concentration, greater clarity of mind, better decision-making, better productivity and a deeper sense of health and well being. It also enhances teamwork and support for each other, which therefore leads to more creativity and efficiency.

Meditation At Work To Reduce Stress

Meditation is an amazing way to enhance well-being in the office and it is a fantastic pick-me-up if energy levels are flagging. The benefits of regular meditation include reduced psychological stress, reduced blood pressure, increased serotonin production, (makes you feel happier) and prevention of over-production of adrenalin, which leads to fatigue and stress. The classes I offer are based on different guided meditations and visualizations that are eminently suitable for beginners.