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Concluding 2018, my thoughts

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

The end of the year for me means mostly reflecting back, looking at the goals that I had set out for me and how did I go, completing those goals, or at least getting a little closer.

My goals for 2018 were:

1. Starting my yoga business from home

In February I finally did so... Having the support of my family (my son distributing my flyers in the neighbourhood), the yoga girls from the Central Coast who came to bless my studio and friends who always wanted to try yoga, or just wanted to support me ;o), it all came together. Still quite a few glitches with my website, but luckily no one was too upset about it. The business is still small, but it feels great to say, "I am going to work now" and then just going downstairs. The studio is still not the way I had envisioned it, but I knew if I keep wanting to make everything "perfect" I probably would not have started yet. After all, yoga makes us more flexible, not just physically, but mentally as well.

2. Creating my own website and managing it

That is a journey that really tested my patience and still does. To begin building a website I had to learn so much. I enjoy learning new things , but I also realised that I had to work on my patience and allow myself to get it wrong, often. I did get easily frustrated, it was a whole new world I had entered and I made very little progress. I am in this ongoing conflict, as soon as I am sitting down on my computer, it feels like time is flying, yet I get very little done. Having a computer and using the Internet was mostly at my leisure, but now it had become work, I am having to do, rather than choosing to do. Often I feel like I am wasting hours, trying to work one little thing out. And in the end, it still doesn't work...

Note to self: If things don't work as planed, sometimes it is good and important to just walk away and do something else that is important.

3. living more sustainable, using less plastic, creating less waste and not buying new -stuff- unless, I really have to.

This has been fun and I felt more in control of what I can do and can't do. Changing my thinking and being prepared when going into the shops, was the main lesson. I always had loved Op Shopping, but the change for this year was to not buy new things all together. As tempting as it sometimes was, walking through the shops, looking at the "special offer's", I felt much better, when I was able to resist. When I am going into an op-shop and finding a "treasure" something that I needed, and here it was, gives me joy. What a win. Getting rid of plastic, is a whole new challenge all together. I am willing, but so far not much has been done from the supermarkets and other big companies to support that much needed change. Of course I am using services like "the source" and buying in bulk. It is very time consuming and quite tricky to get all the things I need, or things that my kids will accept. I am also struggling with the concept, that I have to pay actually more money to use such services, even though, I am doing the hard yards. This journey obviously is continuing and I am grateful for any comments that would help me along the way. At the moment I am loving these books https://www.hardiegrant.com/au/publishing/bookfinder/book/waste-not-by-erin-rhoads/9781743794623 and the new book from Sarah Wilson https://www.booktopia.com.au/i-quit-sugar-simplicious-flow-the-new-zero-waste-eating-for-an-elegant-life-sarah-wilson/prod9781760554590.html?source=pla&s=gs-cooking&gclid=Cj0KCQiA1NbhBRCBARIsAKOTmUtloSvpxb6aPcqbmPcuzS7dsLTEhdfv1ie-Vo3_TgWbbugyQAZwv7MaAvLvEALw_wcB

4. getting not so worked up in traffic, when driving. Try to use the time as mindful practice

Well, well, well... this one is still a huge topic for me. And I would say the one goal that I am not even close to having achieved. Which makes it a continuous lesson.

When driving, I am thinking of flowing, making the journey efficient and relaxing. If I was the only person in the streets, that would be so easy, since I am the best driver in the world, right.? However, this is not reality. I know I can't change the world around me/ the people around me. And I remember while I was studying yoga, we spoke about exactly that. Here I am in my car, let's say on my way to work, driving behind someone, who obviously is either on holidays or has no idea about his/her surroundings... (how blessed that person must be), getting more and more worked up I (I won't go to much into details), while the driver in front of me has no idea and is probably most relaxed, or what do I even know. Creating suffering to myself, that could easily be avoided.

Note to self:

Der Weg ist das Ziel

Me getting angry, doesn't change a thing, remember to smile on every red traffic light, yes, go with the flow, but remember you can't create that flow, the flow is what happened around you and you accepting it.

So you can imagine, this goal is back on the list for 2019.

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