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DeClutter and DeTox, The New Hip Word's for 2019

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Starting the year 2019, I was surrounded by two major concepts. One was “declutter” the other one was “detox”

As more I thought about it, as more did I think the two belong together.

Therefore my class theme for the beginning of the year is to explore both concepts and bit deeper, and as it is always important to me, using the idea of what we are learning in class can hopefully help us in everyday life.

So where to begin?

Maybe start by thinking of one item, substance that you feel you need to reduce, for example alcohol, nicotine, coffee, sugar…

And what about detoxing the mind, eliminating old thoughts and thinking patterns, that keep holding you back.

Are you wanting to achieve general lifestyle changes. If so, what would those be, and why?

You might want to go hard core and try to change many things at once.

Remember when choosing a goal, make it possible, not intimidating. Know your limitations, be realistic, don’t beat yourself us, should you not go for all at once, or even if you are having a “not so good day, relapsing”.Be kind to yourself. Be truthful. Satya.

NOTE: a golden rule in yoga is to fill your stomach ⅓ with food, ⅓ with fluid, ⅓ leave empty. Do not drink to much before a meal, have some fluids (sipping) during the meal. Eat mindfully, chew mindfully, become aware of tastes, textures, make your eating experience into an active mediation. At the beginning of the meal centre yourself, at the end of a meal be grateful.

NOTE: Meditation can be a great way to destress, clarify your mind. You might want to use many of the guided meditations that are on offer pretty much everywhere. You can find books, app’s, online courses, or beautiful retreats, to go on to. However, I am offering mediations in each class that we are practicing. It is important to find what suits you. You might feel already pressured just by the thought of sitting somewhere still, cross legged for 20 minutes. ( so am I) Again, there is no

right or wrong when it comes to mediation. You might want to start with one minute of breath awareness. You might want to practice in bed, just before sleep, or just after waking up. (the tendency when practicing laying down is to go to sleep, or drift of, if this is what you wants and need, so be it) You don’t “have to” sit in any particular way, as long as you are completely comfortable.

Or you could practice Mediation in action / Karma Yoga. Anything you are doing can become a mindful practice. And belief me, it is quite a challenge at the beginning. However, keep telling yourself, “I am walking” and walk with awareness, “I am eating”… “I am talking”, “I am listening” and so forth. By constantly racing to the next task, we might end up missing life completely. Bring to mind your most happiest moments, what made them so special? Wasn’t it the fact that you were aware and in the present moment?

Please find a guided mediation on my website


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