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Life your life with awareness Personal Practice, Sadhana

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Wake up with awareness.

Before getting out of bed, check in with the whole body –physical, mental, emotional.

Are you feeling rested, did you have a good night sleep, any dreams?

Observe and take notice.

Start with a positive thought or if wanting positive change in life, use your positive affirmation / sankalpa 3 times

When ready get up, but make this a Mindful experience, as the physical body begins to move, how does it feel? Can you feel some parts of your body more than others, which ones, why… maybe you exercised the day before or have an (old) injury? Maybe, most likely you are just feeling a bit stiff.

If you feel tired

If you feel tired try to practice gentle boat pose, it’s a great way to start up the circulation. From here you might feel that you want to do more, different stretches, let your body guide you.

Recommended for you at the moment is Sun Salutation, as for video.

Or practice Maha Bandha, the great lock… it only takes a few minutes and it truly starts up your day.

If need to be and once you feel ready, you might try to get up a little earlier, than your normal time and practice your mediation / as for audio.

This can be done before or after the asana / poses practice.

(Can also be done laying in bed, watching the breath, but often that takes us straight back to sleep, my experience ;o)

During the day

Check in with your physical body every so often… if you feel pain or discomfort in certain areas of the body, take notice… stop and analyse this discomfort for a moment… “Where does it come from, how does it make me feel, what movements help me to become more comfortable”?

When your energy level is low, instead of reaching for a coffee, think what other options are available? Think of what usually gives you joy, pleasure, energy. Maybe you just need a break? Putting your legs up the wall, for just a few minutes and practice breathing, allow yourself to be in the resting moment. Listening to relaxing music, if you have time, read a book. It is important that you recharge your batteries when needed.

Be in the presence whenever you can, whenever you think about it.

If you have no time to rest during the day, do not beat yourself up over it.

Instead you might become mindful while active. When you walk to or from somewhere, notice your surroundings, the weather, the people around you, nature, even a bird in a tree can lighten up your day and can hold you in the present moment for a bit.

When driving in the car, smile at each red traffic light. (It really makes a big difference)

If in bad traffic, before reacting, try to watch your breath, or use your

-personal- mantra, bring back your affirmation.

Getting worked up in traffic, will change nothing on the situation; all you do is living negative energy, leaving you eventually exhausted.

As a general idea

As a general idea, if things do not go your way, or people aren’t as nice as you want them to be, see all this as your teachings. What does it reflect back to you, what does it tell about yourself?

Last but not least

And last but not least, make sure you are enjoying your sadhana / your personal practice. No need to feel pressured about it.

Allow yourself to have time for your practice, rather then force yourself.

Enjoy the journey, if you have any questions; please feel free to get in touch.



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