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Yoga In Berlin

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

When I am visiting Berlin I am looking forward to 2 things. One is to see my dear friend Susan Schubert from schlauchalarm.de She is my inspiration, when it comes to promoting my business and generally gives me a kick in the backside. Which I need every so often. We have been friends for a very long time and it is so refreshing when I arrive at her place, feeling home and homely instantly.

The other thing that I am exited about, is Berlin itself. The city itself. I have been living in Berlin in the year 1989, when the wall came done and I am still grateful for that experience. In my mind Berlin was always -cool-. Even when it was still East Berlin. When comparing with the rest of the East Germany, Berlin was "IT". We would often drive from our small home town to Berlin to check out the cool nightclubs and the "Scene". Not quite fitting in at the time. We were very young. ;o)

Over the years Berlin did change so much. Not only street names and places have changed their names, but the people who are living in the city and the people that have moved to the city, all this changed. Areas that use to be not very desirable are now super hip and expensive. There is so much "pop up" culture, new ideas and old ideas new invented. Walking trough the streets at night, the city in summer, so alive. Watching and meeting people of all walks of life, witnessing a great amount of tolerance and open mindedness. I love it.

And yes, occasionally you can cop a "mouth full" of " Berliner Schnauze" (the rough talk that only Berliner's can pull off, with the heart at the right spot) Very direct and very forgiving at the same time.

So I practised "yoga off the mat", keeping my eyes, mind and heart open. Having deep, meaningful, inspirational conversations with my dear friend Susan. Coming up with great ideas. Having the best laugh's, and also cry's, and not feeling guilty, for pulling out my mat only once.

Feeling very grateful. Dankbarkeit.

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Aum and prem

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