Often I am being asked, what is yoga-therapy, what will happen in a yoga-therapy session?I already explained a bit about it under the heading -what is yoga- therapy-, but I thought I might give you a bit more information.

We know that yoga in its many ways can give us great benefits when it comes to a healthy life, healthy living.

Think about a yoga class that you went to and when you came out of the class you felt –so good-. As a teacher I am often having students coming to me after the class, telling me “ this was exactly what I needed today.”

Of course when teaching a big class, I cannot know what it was that this particular student –needed- that day.

So why am I getting this feedback.

Well for me this is simple. It’s part of the practice that gave the student this experience. It could have been the meditation at the beginning of the class. It could have been the asana practice that focused on a particular area of the body, it could have been the pranayama practice, or was it the relaxation at the end of the class? – ahhh relaxation, doesn’t it feel great to being aloud to relax, to take care of yourself… not feeling guilty for –doing nothing-, in fact being encouraged to do so.

Or could it be all those aspects of yoga together?

The many different tools and the philosophy of yoga itself can help bringing balance into one’s life, to regain energy, if needed and to have a guide throughout life and support through difficult times in life.

Yoga can teach us, that what ever might be happening to us, we can make a change, we can learn how to cope.

Important is to know that you are in charge; you are in control of your life.

Life is a roller coaster. Things happen all the time, the good, the bad, the great, and the devastating… Keeping this in mind and understanding that it is up to us to make the most of what is thrown at us, is part of a what you will to come to understand during a yoga therapy session.

And now imagine, I will get to know you a bit better, during your yoga-therapy session. I will get to know what you want and/or need in order to get you either back into your life, or get you started on a new life approach. Working together will also allow you to get to know yourself better and to fully understand what your needs and wants are. Maybe even redefining them.

You will be leaving your yoga-therapy session with a bag full of tools, which have been around for thousands of years and which lately have been recognised in the west as a constructive approach.


Yoga is not about going to a class once or twice a week, developing our asana skills and then going back home and back into our stressful lives.

Yoga is a philosophy, a way of living.

The classes might be part of –a yogic lifestyle-.


In a yoga-therapy session I will be bringing this way of life closer to you, respecting what you want and need.

Breaking down the many practices that yoga offers for you, tailoring it for you and respecting that you will be the main part of the practice. (on this journey)

I strongly believe in the client’s feedback and their involvement in the process.


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